Sakura full bloom in Goryokaku, Hakodate.

Goryokaku was the last fortress of Shogunate army during Boshin War, and where Hijikata Toshizou rested. Now it’s this beautiful park. 

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Coffee before school

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Hey there! First of all i just wanted to say, you have a killer look. Just love it, and you're so pretty,freakin jealous. But I wonder where you edit your Instagram pictures, and what's your favorite clothing store ?:) :Tessa

Hey Tessa ! awww thanks !
I only use one app ‘VSCOcam’  and then i use the F2 edit , I don’t really have a favorite but I like zara,h&m(mostly for basics), american apperal, urban outfitters, brandy melville , skateshops ,……

I like it nasty and a lil’ bit romantic.

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