What's your username on Instagram? You're gorgeous btw hahah:)

Thankyou xx and mmxiicha

my gosh youre fucking gorgeous id kill to look like you and your fashion style is fucking top shit and you pull it off so well hv a nice night matey

Awww thanks! 😘 You too xx

which part of asia are you from? you look korean? youre so pretty btw

Thanks!! 💕💕, oh really? I’m 100% chinese tho x

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Bae doing my hair

That’s actually my partner doing my hair but ok

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Are your nails really that long or are they fake?

they fake, but my natrual nails can grow that long too, since i get my nails done i can’t stop 

what's your instagram name?


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no , i hate butterflys btw , they may look innocent and beautiful from far away but when they come close they are scary as fuck ( just like boys/love , you get it ????)

1-47 :P

Haha no ill do 1-5 for you

1.Hmn idk actually because i’ve been in a 5 year relationship and now im more like fuck love im young , never get feelings, keep it chill,.. But sometimes i do miss like that one person you can always come back to
2.this morning around 7 , to say goodbye to my best friend
3.I was, but now.. Nahh, first of all if you are jealous, you don’t trust and if you don’t trust whats the fucking point of being together
4.Yes i slept from 8 am to 3pm